At All Island Orthopedics we care for the parts that keep you moving. When a bone, tendon or joint causes you pain or other problems, the quality of your life drops dramatically. We will get you back on track to enjoy life again.

All Island Orthopedics offers comprehensive multidisciplinary care. We specialize in Shoulder & Knee surgeries and offer our services in Floral Park New York. Our team is comprised of three orthopedic physicians, Neofitos Stefanides M.D.who is trained in sports medicine and shoulder reconstruction, Peter Stefanides M.D. who is trained in pain management and Edward Feliciano, who specializes in orthopedic surgery and orthopedic sports medicine.

All Island Orthopedics in Astoria and Bayside takes surgeries very seriously and keeps up to date with all the latest in the fields in Chondroplasty, Meniscus, Bankart Repair, Shoulder & Knee surgeries, including the most complicated Knee and Shoulder Replacement procedures.

The main source of shoulder pain, shoulder arthritis, is first managed in early stages with physical therapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs. Surgery is considered only if the pain worsens. There are two primary methods for shoulder replacement. Total shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement. Total shoulder replacement involves a prosthetic replacement of the ball and socket joint. A metal ball is used to replace the humeral head and a plastic socket replaces the cartilage on the glenoid cavity. Reverse shoulder replacement is used to treat patients with severe cases. It involves the insertion of a hemispherical implant in place of the glenoids instead of the humerus and a cup section being added to the humerus. All Island Orthopedics in Astoria and Bayside, are specializing in shoulder and knee surgeries. If you feel pain in your joints, please schedule an appointment with us in order for us to provide a diagnosis.

Every surgery requires some preparation. Removing the anxiety is one of our top priorities, from medication and home planning to recovery and rehabilitation, our team of orthopedic physicians are here to help and will guide you through every step.

The All Island Orthopedics team wishes its patients in Floral Park a speedy and full recovery.

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